Structured Content & Flexible Layouts Case Study

Editors say they want flexibility when creating content and landing pages, but this leads to a lack of consistency. Content is difficult to re-use. Your target audiences may be confused or ignored. But what if you could have flexible layouts and structured content?

Lullabot helped develop a new landing page #design tool that gave state agencies the power to customize their home pages, landing pages, and programs without breaking the mobile-friendly responsive design. Even with this flexibility, the structured #content model made it possible to keep critical information up-to-date across websites and automatically expose rich metadata for search engines.

In this session, you will learn:
- How can I use research to inform decisions around editorial tooling? How do I meet the desires of editors while meeting the needs of other stakeholders and audiences?
- What tools are available in #Drupal to build flexible-yet-structured content?
- What are the pros and cons of these tools, and how can I use them to improve my authoring experience?

🎤 Presenter(s): Greg Dunlap, marsepstein, rachelh_design

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