Abandon Ship: Tips for Exiting D8 Before the Nov. 2021 EOL

The time has come! #Drupal 8 is going end of life VERY soon (just a few weeks after the end of this conference). If you and your organization are still running D8, you are about to lose #security coverage (which is a big problem).

This session is all about the last minute, mad dash to the finish to get you and your site across the line and into Drupal 9 before the end of Drupal 8!

Things covered in this session:
- Finding and fixing #deprecated code using automated tools
- What to test and how to fix the problems you find
- What the update actually looks like, how it works, etc.
- How to avoid this mad dash when Drupal 9 goes End of Life in 2 years (November 2023).

While this will be a technical session, non-technical people may benefit from the strategy and discussion on the topic. There will be some code reviewed, but it's not a coding session.

🎤 Presenter(s): mikemadison

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