Acquia Lightning End of Life: How to Uninstall and Transition to a New Installation Profile

#Acquia Lightning has been a cornerstone of the #Drupal Community since Drupal 8's release. However, thanks to significant advancement in Drupal core's own capabilities, many of the features Lightning once provided no longer come from the profile itself. As a result, Acquia has decided to end of life the profile.

Obviously for sites that are using Lightning... this is problematic! Thankfully, the Acquia team has provided a procedure for uninstalling Lightning (without having to totally rebuild your site).

This session will be focused on:
- The necessary tools and tasks to change a Drupal install profile (even on a production website)
- The overall process of uninstalling Lightning and transitioning to a different profile
- A review of some of the gotchas and pitfalls in the process
- A brief look at the process for community / contrib profiles that themselves rely on Lightning
- While this session will be technical in nature, it's not going to be very technically challenging so anyone can attend.

🎤 Presenter(s): mikemadison, rlnorthcutt

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