Demystifying Paragraphs Migrations from D7 to D8/D9

Advances in #Drupal Core's Migrate API and its contributed module ecosystem have made migrations from older versions of Drupal more streamlined than ever before. However, holdouts do remain, particularly when it comes to migrating paragraphs and other more complex entity structures.

This session will focus on some of the techniques our team used to get around some of those issues and the lessons we learned along the way.

In this session we will cover:
1. How to design and map out your #migration strategy.
2. How to leverage contrib modules like Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools, and Migrate Upgrade to identify which plugins to use, and how to set up your migration configurations.
3. How to deal with nested paragraphs and paragraph fields
3. The "hacks" and strategies we used to test and #debug our migrations.
4. Where to turn to for help along the way.

🎤 Presenter(s): mmelkhatib

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