Tricks for Getting Data On Your Site's Looooong Content

TikToks and other super short content is all the rage on social media. But for government agencies, we need in-depth reports, resource guides, and toolkits to convey all out data and details. But analyzing this lengthy content is tough. When it's all on one page -- or in a PDF! -- what can you do? Google Analytics' pageview reports don't tell you much.

This talk covers my tricks for getting data on both what your audience reading - as well as *how* they are reading it. I also cover how to use that data to understand your users' interests and plan future content.

Attendees will be able to...
- Use lesser-know feature in web #analytics to understand how people read these documents.
- Use data to identify new topics and gaps in your content strategy.
- Understand how to set up Google Analytics tracking for #metadata in #Drupal and use that data to shape your content.

🎤 Presenter(s): Emily Patterson

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