Sponsor Showcase: Accenture & Pantheon

Accenture: How to deliver a basic Drupal site in 2 sprints
Drupal takes very little time to build a complete site from design phase. The power of Drupal is, it can handle 80% of most common business requirements out of the box. This is the walk thru of the Orora project from design to go live in 2 sprints.

Pantheon Autopilot: Pantheon's Autopilot helps teams by automatically detecting, performing, testing and deploying updates for Drupal. Site upkeep can be tedious with constant monitoring, building, maintaining websites, and working cross-functionally to deliver digital experiences for customers. Autopilot relieves you of the continual maintenance work it takes to keep sites updated. Come to this session to see it in action and evaluate whether or not it might help you and your team. All qualified partners and contract customers can start using Autopilot today.

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