Building relationships in a virtual world

Working remote seems to be the new normal, and it is time to face some of the challenges that come with it. Like relationship building.

I've heard people say variations on, "you can't get to know people unless you see them face to face!" Or, "the best ideas happen if you're in the same room!"

And well.. I disagree. Emphatically! I've been building relationships with colleagues and customers from afar for 6 years, and I'm here to say: it can be done. It's just another skill that you needed to practice and develop.

In ​​​​this talk we'll:

Discuss tips and tricks to building relationships over zoom
Exercise some new muscles for distance EQ
Shed light on what you've already learned in the last few years of remote work
Cover strategies to help build your team spirit when you can't get together in the same place
Slides available here:

Kaylan Wagner
After having started building websites back when Geocities had neighborhoods, and the blink tag was the best part of HTML - Kaylan eventually transitioned into a career working in Customer Success for web-focused PaaS and SaaS companies. Currently working as the Manager of the Strategic Customer Success Management team at Pantheon, Kaylan helps Pantheon's largest customers find success on their WebOps journey.

Kaylan is joined in Augusta, GA by her lovely Drupal Developer husband as well as 2 adorable fluffy cats - Midnight and Ash.

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