DevOps for frontend developers (who can't backend good and wanna learn to understand other stuff)

As a front-end web developer, the first leg of Tearyne Almendariz's career focused heavily on the user interaction layer - analyzing user experiences and designing and coding user interfaces. When she joined her first large scale production team, there were a lot of tasks in the realm of DevOps with which she found herself very unfamiliar.

She was lucky to have many senior and full-stack developers mentor and assist her along the way, and with this talk she aims to help others to similarly level up their DevOps knowledge and skillsets.

In this talk, you can expect to:

learn the lingo and key principles of DevOps - what is a trunk? What happened to branches? What are secrets (and how do we keep them)?
learn about different DevOps workflows and what workflows work best for different types of projects
deepen your understanding of how interacting with larger scale development workflows impact the structure of your code
learn about the power of scripting - an invaluable process that will help you become a powerful collaborator while keeping your time focused and protected from excessive tinkering

Tearyne Almendariz
Tearyne D. Almendariz's passion for all things Japan and Sailor Moon led her to become a front-end developer with a focus on accessibility and usability. She has designed, prototyped, and coded user interfaces and worked on teams small and large. One time she even converted Coldfusion sites to React Apps -- and lived to tell the tale.

Tearyne is currently employed as a developer advocate at Pantheon. She previously worked for Lullabot (Support & Maintenance) and Bright Plum (frontend developer). She serves as the lead of the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in the Drupal open source community and she is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

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