Blueprints for Drupal

This presentation is for anyone who has created a website using Drupal and is interested in discovering a standardized, simpler, and faster way to model and build a website's content and information architecture.

The Drupal community's current approach is to create a site using varying practices and then define the types on top of the 'custom' content architecture. The Blueprints module turns this current approach around and explores what a site creation experience would look like if we take a approach to building a site's content architecture leveraging's schemas for structuring data.

Learn more about the future of our Drupal CMS and APIs, UI, and UX.

This presentation will explore and answer…

What is
What are some examples of
What are some key things to know about and Drupal

How is being implemented in the Drupal community?
Why is an afterthought?
What if was aforethought?

What is approach?
What are the challenges of a approach?
What are the benefits of a approach? Blueprints module

What is the Blueprints module?
Why use the Blueprints module?
Who should be using the Blueprints module?
When to use the Blueprints module?
How to use the Blueprints module?
What is next for the Blueprints module?

Jacob Rockowitz

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