Overcoming Backdrop barriers: module ports and themes

The upgrade process from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS is a refactoring rather than a rewrite but can still have challenges. It can, however be a cost-effective solution for an organization happy with their existing website and platform.

My favorite module is not available, how would I try to port it? There is actually a contributed module that can help.

How do I rethink my theme? Backdrop uses layouts that aren't part of themes. How does that work? We will go over an example of recreating a Drupal theme in Backdrop, without porting the theme using core and contributed modules.

How long will the upgrade process take?

Justin Keiser of Academy of Model Aeronautics

Justin Keiser, Drupal Web Programmer for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, learned about Backdrop CMS at DrupalCamp Asheville in 2019. Since then he began working on a daily basis with Backdrop in addition to Drupal and WordPress.


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