Demystifying Queue API – Powerful Manual and Cron Queueing

Vineet Bhardwaj

Queue API allows to handle a number of tasks at a later stage.
What this means is that we can place items into a queue which will run some time in the future and process each individual item at that point and at least once. Usually, this happens on CRON runs, and Drupal allows for a quick set up for cronjob based queues. It doesn’t necessarily have to be CRON, however.
Session will include :
What is Queue Worker and why is this useful ?
Triggering queue using cron or manually both.
Dividing a task into sub steps and show the usage of hook system.
Sharing a working example of Queue API from my last project experience.
Objective of the Session:
Introduction to Queue API
How it is helpful in later stage to complete tasks.
Demonstrate working example from project.
Enabling the developer to use cron for triggering a task.

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