What's Next(js) for Drupal?

Ronald Aguilar

The web is continuously growing and evolving. As a result, powerful and developer-friendly tools and frameworks are part of the daily work for most front-end developers nowadays.
Next.js is one of the most popular choices that meet the expectations of developers, clients, and final users. If you're thinking of starting a project that needs to be highly performant and accessible, this will be one of the best options.
That's why in Chapter Three, we don't only think, we're totally sure the future of Drupal is headless, so we're working on bringing together the best of both worlds: the flexibility, editor control, and API-first power of Drupal, with the performance and developer experience of a modern framework like Next.js. That's how Next-Drupal was born, and it's continuously growing.
In this talk, we'll learn more about how to start with Next-Drupal and the enormous benefits of decoupling Drupal in an easier and more friendly way.

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