Get involved with the Project Browser Initiative

The goal of the Project Browser Strategic Initiative is to allow folks to easily browse for and install modules right from within their Drupal website. No longer will you have to go out to to find modules and then understand how to use Composer to install them.The initiative was highlighted in the Driesnote at DrupalCon Portland 2022 as a key component of Drupal 11. Come learn about the initiative, what we have accomplished to date and the ways you can contribute to Project Browser. Everyone is welcome - including site builders and those new to Drupal.

Leslie Glynn
Boston MA

Member of the Drupal Community since 2011. Customer Success Manager at Redfin Solutions. Co-initiative lead of the Project Browser Strategic Initiative. Organizer of Desigh4Drupal Boston and NEDCamp. Past member of the Drupal Association Board of Directors (2019-2021). Volunteer and contribution mentor.

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