Next Drupal admin UI improvements

Claro became the default Drupal administration theme just a few months ago after several years in the make refreshing for Drupal’s look&feel. With that job done now we can focus on improving the administration experience beyond the visuals.

In this session we’ll cover several current and future plans to improve the default experience everyone has with Drupal's administration UI.

Cristina Chumillas

Cristina is a Front-end Developer and Designer, or what some people call Front-end Designer or UX engineer. She is Drupal core provisional Front-end framework manager, Claro and core Usability maintainer, and OOTB Initiative coordinator. Cristina is also front-end track chair for DrupalCon Europe and is involved in her local community organizing Drupal and other tech-related events.

Cristina spent several years in the graphic design industry. Her development career began when she went freelance and had to make her own designs a reality. She learned to code while learning Drupal and found her place in the local community by helping to organize a Barcelona Drupal event in 2012. She has been involved in the community ever since and credits this involvement to helping her land a job at a Barcelona Drupal agency building websites for big NGOs and Lullabot after that.

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