Introduction to GitOps


Most organizations are facing ever-tightening budgets, while demands on Marketing and Communications (MarComm) increase at an even greater rate. Combine MarComm's need for agility and speed with IT's desire for long-term stability, and you end up with a recipe for frustration, in-fighting, and ultimately missed opportunities. How can institutions balance these competing demands, while also facing a budget shortage? Enter GitOps, an evolution of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and DevOps best practices.

In this session, we'll:

Explore the idea of GitOps, using Git as the single source of truth
Discuss the principles, processes, and practices of building a GitOps workflow
Explore if GitOps is right for your team (if your infrastructure is already in the cloud, then the answer is most likely "yes")
Demonstrate how GitOps can empower your MarComm developers to respond to requests faster, improve security and reliability, and ultimately do more with less.

About the Speaker

Developer Relations Engineer at

Columbia, MO

Developer Relations Engineer at Former Programmer/Analyst-Principal at the University of Missouri. Web application security and accessibility evangelist. Software instructor. Conference lecturer and presenter. Runs on passion and coffee. Outside of work, you'll find Gilzow mountain biking, snowboarding, enjoying live music with his kids, and dancing wherever the mood strikes.

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