The Time for Decoupled Drupal is Now

The term “Decoupled” has been buzzing around the industry for awhile now and in this session we will pull back the covers to take a look at what it really means and why you should be paying attention. We will go on a journey together to explore the decoupled Drupal landscape and share some of our experiences working with it over the last ~12 months. In this session we will discuss why now is the time for decoupled Drupal and why organizations looking to upgrade or build a new website should consider it as an option. We will explore topics around:

What is decoupled Drupal?
What benefits can decoupled Drupal provide for content and marketing Teams?
Why now is the right time to consider a transition?
Key considerations for making a decision
By the end of this session, you should walk away with:

A good understanding of decoupled Drupal and its current maturity level in the space.
Why the adoption of decoupled Drupal is increasing and when it should be considered.
A checklist to help you decide if decoupled is the right choice for your next website build.

John Doyle
In a world where digital has become the norm, John has established his career on “building it better.” With a mission to leave every website better than he found it, John created Digital Polygon to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our client's most challenging business problems.

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