Works on Everyone's Machine: An Overview of Local Development Tools

Yes, you've heard of multidev, but what about local dev?

Local development tools like Lando and DDEV are some of the most important tools teams can utilize to work iteratively and coordinate on changes, especially for working on projects at scale. Using local development environments, you can improve your team's work flows, increase developer confidence and communication, have more robust quality assurance practices, and more. Local development tools can improve overall development team performance, and even designers and other non-coders can benefit from their use.

This talk will help you decide which tool might work best for you and point you to resources to get started.

Tearyne Almendariz
Dallas, TX USA

Tearyne D. Almendariz's passion for all things Japan and Sailor Moon led her to become a front-end developer with a focus on accessibility and usability. She has designed, prototyped, and coded user interfaces and worked on teams small and large. One time she even converted Coldfusion sites to React Apps -- and lived to tell the tale.

Tearyne is currently employed as a developer advocate at Pantheon. She previously worked for Lullabot (Support & Maintenance) and Bright Plum (frontend developer). She serves as the lead of the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in the Drupal open source community and she is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

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