Kickstart Your Drupal Build with Sous and Emulsify

In this session, we’ll walk through the steps of starting a new Drupal site based on the Sous project, customizing the starter theme, and adding a new paragraph component to the site. Along the way we’ll give a tour of what’s included with each system (Sous and Emulsify) and discuss the pros and cons of using these tools as a foundation for your Drupal build. Participants will leave with a shiny new site installed locally that they can continue to expand and experiment with.

Sous is a starter project for Drupal that is managed with Composer. It includes a set of contrib modules and starter configuration for media that is commonly used in site builds. Developers can hit the ground running with a basic setup that follows Four Kitchens’ standards and best practices. It also includes a custom starter theme generated from Emulsify.

Emulsify is an open-source tool for creating design systems with reusable components and clear guidelines for teams. It integrates nicely with Drupal and allows you to decouple front-end and back-end development while maintaining consistent and accessible design patterns.

This is a great introduction for anyone who is interested in learning about:

Drupal starter projects
Component-driven themes
This session will be facilitated by technical strategists and engineers from Four Kitchens.

Come to our BoF

Join us at our BoF at 1:45 where we will have a hands-on workshop we will wire a component together!


Participants will start a new Drupal site with Sous, customize base elements in the theme, and add and style a new paragraph component.


Working knowledge of composer-managed Drupal sites
Working knowledge of CSS, Twig, and YAML
To participate hands-on, a laptop with Git, Composer, Lando, and NPM installed

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