A Migration for All Seasons: Getting Data into Drupal with Custom Migrations

Drupal’s migration framework can be used for much more than just site-to-site migrations. Whether it is from APIs, legacy system databases, or spreadsheets, this session will cover how to use custom migration plugins to import and manipulate complex data for use in Drupal for both one-off imports and ongoing imports after site launch.

This session will cover:
• Writing custom built plugins for Drupal core’s Migrate module to manipulate data and migrate from different types of sources.
• Setting up daily/weekly/monthly imports using the Migrate module along with custom plugins.
• Using CSV or spreadsheets in migrations to preload sites with content while development is still ongoing.
• Use cases for using the migrate framework to import content repeatedly from APIs or external databases.
• Deciding when to use migrations or manual content entry and potential migration pitfalls.

This session is for:
• Site architects and developers on projects that use complex migrations.
• Site architects interested in using migrations as a tool to pull in external data from various sources.
• Project leads who want a way to speed up the content entry process using migrations.

Demo repo: https://github.com/matthewmessmer/migration-demo

Matthew Messmer
Drupal Architect @ Clarity Partners
I am an Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master and I make Drupal websites for clients around the world.

I enjoy cooking, baking, and gardening.


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