Building In Public- How live-streaming software development can supercharge your programming

When you think of live-streaming, images of excitable gamers in fast-paced First-Person-Shooters may come to mind. However, there's a lesser-known and growing community of live-coders emerging on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live. These live-coders are learning and building software in public, using languages ranging from C++ to JavaScript to php. Join me and explore how live-coding can be a powerful tool to become a better programmer.

During the first half of this session, I'll share my personal journey into the world of live-coding. I'll discuss the challenges I encountered and, more importantly, the myriad of benefits I've experienced as a streamer. From creating an engaged and supportive community to establishing an incredible professional network, live-coding has provided me significant value. I'll delve into how I connected with developers who built the very libraries and tools I use, and how stream chat has proven to be an exceptional "rubber-duck" debugging tool. Additionally, I'll reveal how live-coding has transformed my approach to software development, enhanced my problem-solving skills, and boosted my confidence as both a software developer and a communicator.

For those eager to try live-coding themselves, the second half of this session will focus on getting started. We'll explore the essential software and hardware required, and I'll guide you through the setup process. You'll discover the various platforms suitable for streaming your coding sessions and learn what activities to undertake during your initial streams. I'll also share insights on growing an engaged community and creating an environment conducive to learning and collaboration.

Join me for this unique session and see the potential of live-coding as a tool to elevate your programming skills. Whether you're a seasoned programmer or learning your first language, there's something valuable for everyone in the world of live-coding both as a streamer and as a viewer.

Mark Dobossy
Rosemount, MN

Mark is the owner of and senior developer for a custom software consultancy focusing on mobile logistics for small-to-medium construction companies through a large Angular/Ionic app. Prior to his current position, he built subsurface flow simulators to guide reservoir engineers and web-based financial portfolio optimization tools.

Being a believer in learning and developing in public, he live-streams his daily professional programming work and hobby coding projects on Twitch. Downhill skiing is one of the few activities he enjoys more than coding and he is always looking for ways to bring together coding, tech, streaming, and skiing.

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