How One Federal Program Used Google Analytics 4 to Surface Untapped Data & Understand Their Content

Emily Patterson
Elizabeth Costello

Do you find that the standard Google Analytics reports don’t convey the details you need to understand how your audience engages with your Drupal site? Do you wish web reports actually provided the data you need to evaluate your content strategy and site architecture?

Join this session to learn how the federally-funded Reproductive Health National Training Center ( site collaborated with a digital analytics consultant to surface untapped data and insights into an easy-to-use dashboard using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Learn the basics of setting up Google Tag Manager and using it to track your site’s tags, categories and other metadata. The presenters will share a basic roadmap for implementing a similar solution on your Drupal site as well as practical training resources to learn more about Google Analytics 4 and Drupal.

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