Revolutionizing Conversations: AI Chat Integration on YaleSites

Our condensed five-week journey is an epic tale of innovation and collaboration, where Drupal becomes the canvas for a groundbreaking AI experience. Immerse yourself in the pivotal decisions we made during the rapid development phase, and witness how our team navigated the complex landscape of data curation, ethics, and design to ensure the seamless fusion of AI into the fabric of YaleSites. In our commitment to inclusivity, discover how our team prioritized efforts to make the AI chat accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities. We'll share the strategies employed for ensuring a seamless experience, detailing the incorporation of accessibility standards and the rigorous testing conducted to validate our platform's usability across a spectrum of diverse user needs. Be inspired by our approach to data curation, ethical considerations, design principles, testing, and more.

Randy Oest
Creative Director @ Four Kitchens
Randy Oest is a designer, thinker, and creative director. He works at Four Kitchens, is an avid Star Trek fan, and plays too many board games.

Twitter: @amazingrando

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