Crafting a Clear Path: Yale University Case Study into Making our Drupal Platform User-Friendly

Join us at Yale University to learn about customizing Drupal's backend for a better user experience. In this session, we'll discuss how we spent years understanding Drupal's capabilities and complexities. Find out why we chose a detailed process to enhance usability and accessibility, aiming to make Drupal a comfortable platform for users.

We'll dive into specifics, such as:

Selecting and customizing our admin theme
Using and customizing the Layout Builder module
Collaborating with a design system
Making advanced UI adjustments for custom view blocks
Allowing users to personalize their website with color palettes, while adhering to Yale University's design and accessibility standards
Additionally, we'll discuss our strategy for allocating resources for each new component or feature. This discussion emphasizes clarity over technical jargon, focusing on making Drupal more user-friendly and approachable.

Mike Tullo
April Tiddei
Kara Franco

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