Implementing Visual Page Building Experiences (without Compromising Design & Content Architecture)

Versatile, visual page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg have taken center stage in WordPress, while no-code solutions like Webflow continue to gain ground. Content managers are drawn to their flexibility and seemingly endless array of add-on blocks and features.

Drupal's site building experience, at least out-of-the-box, feels antiquated and clunky by comparison. This session will discuss a variety of techniques and modules you can use to enhance the editing experience without compromising (or only minimally compromising) your design and content model:

Layout builder, Layout Paragraphs, Blocks, Entities -- what should the fundamental building blocks of your site be?
What happened to a semantically fielded approach to content architecture? How can your content model scale if the data and presentation are smashed together?
How do you maintain design integrity if content editors have so much flexibility?

Jim Keller

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