Lessons Learned From Princeton University’s Migration of Over 1000 Drupal Sites To A Single Platform

While the development of a new platform demands meticulous attention, the same level of focus is frequently overlooked during the migration process. Achieving a successful migration that enables your platform to evolve and scale poses challenges, and conventional migration plans and checklists often fall short in providing the necessary insights. This session is designed to help you navigate the complexities of pre-planning, migration organization, and post-migration processes. We’ll walk you through lessons learned from Princeton’s transition of over 1,000 Drupal websites to a single platform.

Together we’ll delve into key topics such as:

Content mapping between an old and new design system
Crafting a robust technical migration plan
Troubleshooting potential issues
Gaining crucial stakeholder support for a smooth migration experience
Working with a vendor through a migration project
Join us to better understand how to elevate your migration strategy and ensure a robust foundation for your platform's continued growth.

Mandee Englert
Jill Moraca


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