Use Drupal as no-code content platform for your next(.js) decoupled project

Decoupled Drupal is far from outdated. The first implementations of this paradigm were already in place a decade ago, leveraging Drupal 6 and Flash.

Today, Drupal 10 and JSON:API alongside Next.js on the frontend side have become one of the de facto standards for this type of architecture.

This session will briefly describe the core principles of a Decoupled Drupal architecture. It will then discuss how and why this approach leads to better performance, resulting in improved user experience, enhanced SEO, and increased security.

More importantly, with the huge contribution of the Drupal community, we will show that this architecture requires no development on the backend side, making Drupal a no-code headless CMS, able to compete with commercial cloud SaaS solutions for a fraction of the cost.

We'll learn that this method can actually reduce hosting costs and security burdens. We'll also showcase an example of a high-profile, politically exposed website that we have recently launched.

Simon Morvan

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