Presented by
Antoine Beaupré
Steven Jones
This session will illustrate the use of the Aegir hosting system to simplify the life of developers and administrators, by automating the common tasks involved in deploying and managing sites.

Aegir is a distributed provisioning system for Drupal that allows you to manage thousands of sites across as many concurrent instances of Drupal on as many servers as you need. It's built on Drupal itself, so that your user interface to the system becomes a 'meta-drupal' site, with nodes representing all of your hosted sites and all of the components of your hosting environment.

In this session we'll be introducing the Aegir project and the functionalities shipped with the latest release. We'll demonstrate the one-line Debian package installer, site install and upgrade management. We'll also outline the progress made since the last presentation in Copenhagen (1.0!) and upcoming roadmap (2.0!!) and answer any question you may have about the project.

Aegir Training Available at DrupalCon London

For in-depth Aegir training, Koumbit Networks is presenting a Pre-Conference Training session on Aegir: Aegir Hosting System: Deep Dive. Sign up today!

About the presenter

Antoine Beaupré (AKA anarcat) is a long time Drupal developer that is one of the core Aegir developers, handling release engineering, Debian packaging, crazy late night coding splurges, and is the general goto guy for everything in Aegir.

Koumbit Networks (est'd in 2003) has been building high end drupal projects for quite some time, primarily in the non-profit sector, and is leading development in the Aegir Project.

Steven Jones (darthsteven) is an experienced Drupal developer that has recently joined the core team of Aegir developers, being specifically responsible for documentation. He has a passion for getting people involved and demonstrating all things Drupaly.

ComputerMinds are the UK's Drupal specialists with offices in Bristol and Coventry. They offer a range of Drupal services including Consultancy, Development, Training and Support - which means they can help with all phases of your project.

Intended audience
* Drush users wanting to take the next step * Any Drupal developer having more than one site to manage * Anybody concerned about maintenance and security of their Drupal sites * Custom niche application developers needing to roll out new sites quickly and efficiently * Anyone tired of wasting time on the tedious manual tasks associated with running a Drupal site

Questions answered by this session
What is Aegir, why should I use it and how the heck do we pronounce it?

How do I do security upgrades on all my Drupal sites without being stressed out (e.g. how could we maintain all those Drupalcon sites for security upgrades)?

How do I deploy my custom Drupal distributions and sites quickly?

Who uses Aegir and how?

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