Presented by
Kristof Van Tomme
Every day more and more companies start using Drupal and the day will come when it'll make all the difference if you are more than just-another-Drupal-shop.

Drupal is a very innovative community, and we've got a wide range of companies and individuals that are constantly pioneering new technologies. For several of these pioneers this is a conscious differentiation strategy, an attempt to increase personal or company karma. Commercially however this innovation has not always been particularly successful.

In this presentation I want to share with you the aha moment I got when I first read about customer development, lean startups and business model generation. I'll explain each of these concepts, how we started applying them at Pronovix and put them into a broader Drupal ecosystem context and why any Drupal project you run should be driven by validated customer demand.

In the 2nd part of the presentation I'll explain why I think we need to start massively diversify the way we do business in Drupal and how an ethical Drupal appstore could achieve this without damage to our existing community.

Intended audience
Business owners, consultants

Questions answered by this session
What is customer development

What is a lean startup

What is business model generation

How could we make an ethical Drupal appstore

What is wrong with alpha and beta release mentality

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