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Rasmus Läbel Kalms
Theming is not rocket science, but it can be difficult being a themer on Drupal projects that are larger in scale. Often you find yourself being pulled into projects at an especially unfortunate moment, or maybe you're the lucky one that gets included from the start, but without a clear overview as to what the IA, design or basic functionality looks like.

This session will provide you with the tools that helps you get off the ground fast. I will show you how to develop a strong theme that supports, and promotes an agile workflow within the team, without having to know all the angles. A workflow that brings in the themer from the start, helping the team create a relevant product, where all the best ideas are listened to and included.

Often speed and the ability to react to sudden changes in specifications, or the team itself, is key to reaching any goal, be it specified or otherwise.

With basic tools like CSS pre-processing, HTML5, CSS3 and rapid prototyping, themers has been given a whole new set of options and ways to express themselves. Ways that are both fast and easy to maintain.

I'll take you through the process, teaching you ways to develop a theme that meets the changing specifications during development. A workflow that aids the entire team; developers as well as designers.

Intended audience
This session is intended for front-end developers and designers or project managers looking for better ways to utilize a themer. Those unfamiliar with Drupal, will gain an insight into the workflow required to create a strong theme, and ultimately an entire website.

Questions answered by this session
How to design and build a theme that works with Drupal and not against it.

How to identify and use the basics within a design, minimizing the need for constant design iterations.

How to use HTML5 and CSS3 to your advantage.

How to use a themer more efficiently.

How to start designing in the browser and use your skill set more efficiently.

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