Presented by
Martin Eskdale Moen
Continuous integration(CI) is the process of which a system is integrated on a continuous basis, leading to multiple integrations in a development cycle. This provides a means to monitor the quality of code, test it and receive quick notifications of errors.
It provides a quick overview of the current state of a project, from both a managers stand point and a programmer's.
It can turn integration from a multi day process to a non-event done on an hourly basis.
If you are simply creating your own blog to a full enterprise solution, this session will cover the basics of setting up a CI process and some of the challenges you might face.

Topics covered:

No touch build as much as possible
Using an existing production database in the builds
CI servers
Drush make, build scripts, phing
Use of post commit hooks
Building a site using features
Using update hooks when features can't cover it
How it can be used to scale a team
General workflow
Preliminary slides:

Intended audience
Drupal developers and Drupal architects intending to build sites who wish to know on a frequent basis when their complete integration fails.

Questions answered by this session
Setting up a CI server to build a drupal site

Setting up a basic build script

Packaging a site into a single deployable file

How it can help team size issues

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