Presented by
Sam Boyer
Dog is a new approach building Drupal sites that deeply embraces Git in order to build portable, deployable Drupal site packages. Dog makes the process of developing, managing, and maintaining a Drupal site easier for everyone from the individual hobbyist to multi-cluster-backed Drupal sites with teams of developers.

With a single command, Dog can roll out an entire new instance of a site - whether that site is intended for hacking by a developer, testing by an automated tool, or real production use. Multiple site instances that satisfy different use cases; one unified process for initial deployment, updates, and development. With its powerful-but-simple command set, dog makes it easy for both humans and computers to work together throughout the process of developing, deploying, and maintaining a drupal site.

Intended audience
Anyone who cares about workflows for putting together Drupal sites.

Questions answered by this session
How can I use dog to build my basic Drupal site?

How can my company use dog to assist/improve our internal development workflow?

How does dog integrate with external tools, such as build systems, configuration management, etc.?

What does dog mean for Drupal distributions?

How does dog connect with existing Drupal "packaging" techniques, like drush make and site tarballs?

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