DrupalCon London 2011: DRUSH DEPLOY

Presented by
Mark Sonnabaum
Moshe Weitzman
From small sites to large, drush is an essential tool in a drupal deployment strategy. Many of us are already using commands like rsync, sql-sync, features-revert, and updatedb as steps in our deployment workflow.

Tools to manage deployments however are often varied (capistrano, fabric, puppet, chef, hudson, etc), and foreign (ruby/python). In this session, the maintainers of drush will introduce a new tool for managing deployments: drush deploy. This tool does some of what those tools do, all in a comfortable drush and PHP environment.

Intended audience
All developers and sysadmins.

Questions answered by this session
How can drush help automate tasks during deployment?

Why should I be using a deployment tool?

What is drush deploy?

How can drush deploy simplify drupal deployments?

Who is drush deploy best suited for compared to other deployment tools?

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