The web is evolving. Fast. As designers and developers working in this volatile medium -- one that is characterised by a relentless pace of change -- we need to consider strategies that deliver a sustainable web that exists beyond the here and now.

This keynote will focus on how, by marrying fundamental web standards with timeless design principles, we can create beautifully designed user experiences that embrace the full range of emerging technologies at our disposal. HTML5 and CSS3 offer today's designers and developers a platform on which to build sustainable web presences for tomorrow. In short, to create a sustainable web - one that exists across a growing number of devices - that is designed not with short term goals in mind, but that is built from the ground up with longevity as its driving force.

We discuss how a standards based approach that is forward looking, whilst embracing classic design principles, can ensure wonderful user experiences that exist outside of the latest trends and live on in our users' imaginations.

We both believe great design and enhanced user experiences go hand in hand:

1. Build a solid platform, embracing emerging standards, ensuring maintainability moving forward is pain free;
2. Apply fundamental and timeless design principles to ensure wonderful user experiences, experiences that exist outside of the latest trends and ensure a longer shelf life; and
3. Deliver efficiencies (via 1) and marketability (via 2) to satisfy the business people.

The Web Standardistas

In addition to their role as The Standardistas, Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson teach interactive design at the University of Ulster at Belfast, where they have been active in promoting a web standards-based curriculum.

As tweed-clad duo The Standardistas, they write regularly on standards-based web design and the importance of improving web design education. Their first book, which extols the virtues of A Web Standardistas' Approach, has received widespread praise for its practical and hands-on modus operandi. In addition to this they have been invited to write for, amongst other publications: 24 Ways (http://j.mp/startonpaper), The Manual (http://j.mp/designingthemind), and .net magazine.

In addition to speaking regularly at conferences worldwide, they run workshops and masterclasses, teaching the principles of design, both on and off the screen.

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