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Diana Montalion Dupuis
Are you a themer or developer who wants to work on bigger, more complicated projects? Do you want to send your resume to top Drupal shops and get hired? Do you want to assess and approve your skills?

If so, come to this session and create your plan. You will leave with you a take-home list of essential traitz and skillz. You'll also find out what a few top Drupal shops and in-house Drupal team leaders say are the "Most Important Skillz" their best developers possess.

We'll focus on three essential questions:

1. What specific skillz do I need to build?
2. What kinds of experience should I seek to demonstrate those skillz?
3. What are the essential non-tech skills that matter most?

Team builders and Drupal business or project owners will benefit too. You'll get a master list of skills to use for team development plans, hiring assessments, and ideas for how to assess that "certain something" that the best developers possess.

Intended audience
Drupal development professionals who want to beef up their mad skillz and want a clear, researched answer to the question, "what skills are essential to have in the Drupal talent marketplace"? Team builders who want an outline of what to look for in potential developers.

Questions answered by this session
What technical skills are foundationally necessary for a Drupal themer or developer?

What technical skills are Drupal shops and clients looking for?

What non-technical skills are Drupal shops and clients looking for?

What are some essential traitz of top developers?

What are effective ways to prove my skills?

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