Presented by
Ivo Radulovski
Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire
Jens Beltofte
Kristof Van Tomme
The Drupal community landscape is changing. A host of new events is springing up: Design Camps, Dev Days, Business Days, Gov Days, CxO summits, and more. The success of these events in bringing together new communities of experts and professionals to facilitate growth and exchange in their areas of common interest is key to Drupal's continuing success.

This session will discuss how Drupal communities--local-, interest-, or vertical-based--are growing and changing. We are looking for insights into what is working, what needs more work and what best-practices are emerging.

This session is for you if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of community, running events, helping yourself and others get the most out of Drupal, or taking Drupal to the rest of the world and showing them what we've got!

Intended audience
Community Members, Community Leaders, Media, Analysts, Business Leaders

Questions answered by this session
Why organize events?

What kind of Drupal events are happening? How do they differ?

What motivates people to join or leave the (local) Drupal community? Why are some more active than others?

What kinds of goals and objectives can communities set for ourselves? How do we measure our success against those goals?

Why do connections with other Drupal user groups, open source projects, and local communities matter? How can we better evangelize Drupal in all these areas?

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