Presented by
Kristof De Jaeger
Jan-yves Vanhaverbeke
Display Suite offers you a drag and drop UI that allows you to easily manage the layout of your site in a consistent and centralized way.

In this session we will show you what Display Suite offers out of the box, but also the more advanced features. Developers will learn how to extend its power by adding custom (block) fields, formatters and layouts. For themers we will show how using Display Suite can make you forget all about the template hell, and how it allows you to have clean and consistent HTML throughout your site.

A step-by-step example will show how easy it is to set up Display Suite, and how to use it in combination with other popular modules such as Views and Panels. Learn all the tips and tricks by the people that created Display Suite to get the most out of it!

Intended audience
Drupal themers Drupal developers that want to prepare their site for themers in a consistent way Drupal integrators that want to control their layout right from the backend

Questions answered by this session
How can I manage my site layout without touching any template file?

How can I optimize my HTML code?

How can I get the most out of Display Suite?

How do Display Suite and Panels work together?

How do Display Suite and Views work together?

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