Drupal 8 Development Methodologies

Mike Madison

Everything (nearly) about Drupal 8's development process is different than it was in Drupal 7. Some of it is a "little" different and some of it is so totally different you wouldn't recognize it as belonging to the same software. That's ok! Different isn't scary, it's just... different.

One of my biggest challenges when I started learning Drupal 8 was understanding where to start. I had the basic knowledge of "what was different" but I didn't understand how to apply those differences in an effective way. I particularly didn't have real world examples of why I might want to do something in a particular way. This lead to much confusion and frustration on my part, and resulted in a very slow assimilation of knowledge.

This talk is going to focus on real world examples in Drupal 8 development.

Why might you do something a certain why?
What are the advantages of doing it in code vs. the UI?
Where do you even start with the basics (of instantiating a class, debugging your code, and perhaps most important, getting it to show up on your site!)
We'll also get into some slick example code like:

Creating your own custom blocks
Creating your own custom view fields / filters that are MUCH better than what Views provides
Creating custom actions using your own routes
In addition to slides, example modules from this session will be made available on GitHub.

Warning: this session is a beginner session, but we WILL be working with actual code in a local environment.

Topics Covered:

Drupal 8 Hook System
Plugin System
Routes / Controllers
Common Drupal 8 Classes
Code vs. Configuration
Site Building vs. Custom Development
Local Environment Configuration Using Acquia BLT + DrupalVM
Standard Development Tools such as Composer, Git, PHP Code Sniffer (PHPCS), etc.
Who Should Attend:

Developers that are...

interested in making the leap from Drupal 6/7 to 8
already working in Drupal 8 but not solid on development methodologies
looking to hone skills with object oriented php


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