Simple Steps towards User Research & Usability Testing

Katie Eidson

You are eager to become more user-centric in your next project. Hoping it will remove the clutteriness and complexity on your project. However, you don’t really know how to approach it, or tad skeptical if any of this well wishing can fit in your tight timeline and budget. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

This talk will break down the jargon, provide a do-it-yourself roadmap, and basic understanding that provides you the confidence to help bring user research and usability testing into your project no matter what timeline. Whether you are maintaining a site or in a process of a redesign, you will learn how to collect user insight, set up user testing sessions, and understand what to do with all that information. You'll learn cool lessons like:

- How to get started with user research
- Simple tools to start collecting user insight
- Setting up your first user interviews & usability tests
- Running your first Card Sorting
- How to set up Navigational Testing
- All the pitfalls to avoid throughout the process

Each lesson will show will world examples and timelines it took to complete each task. By the end of the session you learn some new technicals and growing confidence in adding some user research and usability testing in your next project.

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