Soft Skills, Hard Truths: The Other Side of Project Management

Danielle Sheffler

Did you know that a project can fail even when you use best practices in project management and development? In fact, it's almost guaranteed to fail if you don't think about the soft skills needed when working with internal and external teams.

Many times, we think of the most important parts of a project as determining MVP, staying within timeline, scope, and budget, and implementing what the client has asked us to. But we often neglect to develop our soft skills: having difficult conversations with our clients, getting our clients to trust us, and building relationships with our internal teams and with our clients.

In this session, we'll cover the following:

How to be transparent, without being too transparent
Learn skills to gain your team's and your client's trust and how to develop these skills
Learn how to really listen to what your teammates and clients are saying
Understand how to apply these skills to many different types of teams

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