Let the Robots Win: Automation Working for You

Kyle Day, Joshua Burnett, Cathleen Tracy

Giving up a manual task to automate it can feel like something straight out of a science fiction story like “Westworld”. Giving up the time required to innovate process improvements is also a difficult pill to swallow. We know automation is essential to any DevOps project, but why? Is it really worth the effort to automate a process or procedure?

The short answer: an investment in automation will pay you back in spades.

Our team will provide some real world examples of how automating tasks has helped transform our relationship with our platform, which hosts 20+ applications for the Department of Homeland Security, including:

Automating our code scanning process, reducing the process from 3 hours to 3 minutes
Automating our configuration scripts using Ansible Tower
Automating our maintenance scripts, including, removing old DB backups, automating our DB failover, putting our servers into maintenance mode, and more!


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