ReactJS + Headless Drupal: Step by Step

Jitesh Doshi

(This is an update to my last year's ReactJS+Drupal presentation, with many improvements.)

ReactJS is the shiny new JavaScript framework that everybody wants to use in their next project. It's a component based approach to building JavaScript based web-applications and SPA's (single page applications). But any JavaScript front-end needs a RESTful service based back-end to store data and implement business logic. Drupal 8 has RESTful services built into core (Drupal 7 has it too, but in contrib modules). So if you have significant investments in Drupal, and need to implement pure HTML+JavaScript front-ends with Drupal back-end, or if you want to integrate rich web applications within your Drupal site, then this presentation could be useful.


What are JavaScript front-ends?
What are RESTful back-ends?
Setting up your ReactJS app with webpack, babel, VSCode
Configuring Drupal 8 to serve RESTful services
Writing a ReactJS application that leverages Drupal
Pulling content from Drupal into ReactJS app
Creating Drupal content from a ReactJS app
Authentication & Security
CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)
AJAX, promises and async/await in ES6
React Native

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