Task automation heroes: Tools to make testing and compliance lightning quick

Darcy Grisier, Danny Lopes, Matthew Hand, Jing Wang

With the rollout of the new WCAG 2.0 guidelines, federal sites are now required to include new HTML elements and ARIA landmarks and attributes. Ensuring ongoing compliance with those standards and with usability requirements can be costly and time consuming.

Our presentation will explore some of the ways the web development team at Palladian Partners uses software automation to

Reduce the burden of maintenance on website managers
Test for 508 compliance errors and functional errors introduced by developers or website managers before the pages go live
Visually identify and report on discrepancies between new and old versions of a site, so we can quickly identify unintentional changes (font size, image placement, moved blocks of content, missing components, etc.)
Key session takeaways for our attendees:

Automatically meet Federal usability guidelines for file size and file type labeling using the Download Link Labeler module.
Learn a process for Automated 508 Compliance and Functional Usability Testing using Katalon Studio.
Experience a demonstration of a Visual Regression Testing Tool using the Backstop.JS framework.


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