Ignore the Naysayers: Your RFP Can Be Brilliant!

Joe Crespo

There’s been a lot of ink spilled about how the RFP process is broken, particularly when it comes to technology projects. This session isn’t going to litigate various viewpoints on that front, because RFPs are not going anywhere anytime soon — especially when it comes to government projects.

I say, ignore the naysayers: your RFP can be brilliant!

I’m a former project manager and recovering developer, and now that I read and respond to RFPs for a living, I have a pretty good sense of what your partners are looking for and what you need to know from them in order to help you select a great fit for your project.

This session will discuss:

When being prescriptive is necessary and when it can hurt your project
How you can use initial goal-setting and audience work to frame your project
How aligning your stakeholders before the RFP pays dividends throughout the project
Why it’s important to include in your RFP the project constraints — like timeline and budget
How to get apples-to-apples comparisons from the proposals you receive
What you need to know from your potential partners


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