Component-based Design Systems with Drupal 8 and Paragraphs

Are you sick of listening to how people use paragraphs, yet? Do you wish Paragraphs would just go away?

Well, then this talk is not for you. Paragraphs offer the most visual flexibility for the client and the most design-system control for the development team. If you haven't yet been convinced, this talk just might make you a believer, too.

This talk will review a recent project with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of RI, where the Oomph team employed a component-based system of paragraphs inside paragraphs for ultimate design and content control. We'll keep the talk at a fairly high level and illustrate how a well-designed system can make authors, designers, and developers happy.

And it doesn't have to be complicated. The system we put in place took less than 10 weeks to design, configure, implement, test, train and launch. Real life examples, quick admin demo, and ways in which your team can get started quickly with component-based Paragraph themeing. .

Speaker: J. Hogue

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