Feeds UI + Migrate Engine = Dream Migrations and Imports

Irina Zaks, Fibonacci Web Studio

Feeds and Migrate were two primary contrib modules used for data import since early versions of Drupal. Quick comparison of two modules: Feeds module has great friendly UI that allows site builders configure and import data, Migrate is built for developers with power to perform complex backend data processing but UI for this module was less than ideal.

Starting D8 migrate module is in core to support one-click upgrades from earlier Drupal versions – great news. In the hallway of Baltimore DrupalCon two years ago maintainers of Feeds and Migrate started conversation about using migrate engine to power Feeds UI – seems to be a win-win solution for everyone – developers, site builders, content managers, end users. Today we will demo what has been completed, and what still needs to be done, and how everyone in Drupal community benefits from this effort.

Session Takeaway: Comparison of current status of Feeds and Migrate in Drupal 8 and discussion about work that has been completed and work that still needs to be done on Feeds_Migrate module https://www.drupal.org/project/feeds_migrate.

Expected Attendees: This session is designed for back end developers, site builders, content managers and strategists who are planning overall site development.

Irina Zaks
Web Developer and Co-Founder @ Fibonacci Web Studio
Fibonacci Web Studio is a group of experts that develop cutting edge web tools for research and academia. We work with a wide variety of passionate people doing fascinating and fulfilling work: researchers, academics, doctors, law professors, lawyers, judges, administrators, and advocates. Our goal is to help them do and share that work more efficiently, thoughtfully, and beautifully.

Irina Zaks is the founder of Fibonacci Web Studio. She is a web developer, a technology teacher, and an open-source software evangelist with Stanford Open Source Lab.


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