Amazing Emails from Drupal 8

Wayne Eaker,

Drupal 8 is the world’s most flexible content management system, allowing you to deliver content as a monolithic website, a decoupled application, or as an API for native apps and connected devices. But, despite all the progress made in recent releases, Drupal 8 continues to neglect one of the most popular communications formats on the planet: email. We have responsive Bartik, JSON-API, and a React-based admin theme coming soon, but the emails sent from Drupal core look exactly the same as they did over a decade ago. (since version 4.7 introduced the one-time login link)

In this presentation, we’ll walk through how to configure Drupal 8 to send the types of emails your customers and clients expect in 2019. This means emails with:

A custom responsive design that matches your brand
Images and attachments
Web fonts
Templated headers and footers
Custom preview text for display in the inbox
A plain text version
Admin-accessible logs of sent emails
Some example emails you’ll see in this presentation include:

Account activation and password reset emails with a big change password button instead of a cryptic link
Order receipts that include upsell ads for related products
Registration emails with a QR code for easy check in
All of this will be done as a Drupal 8 native solution (no external services required) that will allow your website administrators to edit email content templates through the admin interface. That’s what your clients and website editors are hungry for, and after this presentation, you will have a recipe to deliver it.

This presentation will be accessible to people who have not configured HTML emails from Drupal before, but some general knowledge of email formats, HTML, and CSS will be useful for a complete understanding.

Wayne Eaker
Developer and Trainer @

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