Where is my next project coming from? Sales pipeline management for freelancers and small agencies

Chris ODonnell, Promet Source

Freelancers and small agencies typically don't have the luxury of having a person dedicated to bringing in new work. However, that doesn't make the business development effort any less important for a small agency or freelancer. In this session, I will distill the key facets of the sales process into a framework that any freelancer or small agency can use to help organize their business development efforts and be more successful at that effort.

I did this presentation at both Baltimore DrupalCamp and Altana DrupalCamp this year as a 45-minute session. It has been accepted for DrupalCon Seattle as a 30-minute session, so this is the perfect opportunity to present the slimmed down version prior to DrupalCon.

Slides from Atlanta

Chris ODonnell
Digital Strategist @ Promet Source


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