DrupalCon Seattle 2019: From Developer to Manager -- How To Survive

It's Monday morning and you just got into your work emails, only to find one from your boss asking you to chat with him when you have a few free minutes.  You've been doing a great job recently, so you're hoping this meeting is where your boss will shower you with a substantial pay raise and compliments.  As you start talking to your boss you realize that not only are you getting those compliments (and a pay raise), you're also getting an increase in responsibilities as you will now be managing 4 other developers on your team.  What do you do?

For many developers, being promoted into a managerial role is a sudden shift of mindsets.  While many programming paradigms do carry over to being a manager, there are plenty of other skills that developers just need to "figure out".  During this session we'll discuss the critical skills for someone new to management including:

Your responsibilities as a manager when it comes to both good and bad times
Your relationship with your team and soliciting good feedback from them (Tip:  Now that you're a manager there are lots of things that you'll be surprised to find out about your team)
Balancing technical development with team collaboration
Giving constructive feedback to your team
Saying no
If you're a new manager, someone who wants to get into management, or even someone who has been a manager for some time you won't want to miss these pointers and tips that you'll be able to implement when you get back from DrupalCon.  So what are you waiting for?  Your team is counting on you!

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