DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Go Beyond Competing on Price with Experiential Driven Commerce using Drupal.

In the era of “shareable” moments, shoppers are expecting personalized experiences, brands they can trust, and frictionless shopping experience across the entire customer journey. Retailers must go beyond catering to the single-transaction buyer who is focused on price and begin building and nurturing relationships with the lifelong shopper.

This presentation provides insight into experiential driven commerce strategies and how Drupal enables merchants to attract the fastest-growing customer segment, the millennials.  You don't need to be an expert to know the future of commerce is stated in one word: Experience.

Key Take-Aways:

1.    Understand how retailers can go beyond discounting to attract customers by focusing on experiences and personal relationships.

2.    Learn how digital tools and strategies improve customer retention with unique experiences only the brand can offer.

3.    Appreciate how to go beyond your customer’s expectations with a sophisticated approach supported by a unified digital experience platform.

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