DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Taking your droplet to the cloud

So you wanna move your site to the cloud, and you’ve heard about the benefits of continuous delivery and deployment. But Drupal’s architecture isn’t immediately well-suited to that.

After this step-by-step session, you’ll be prepared to refactor your site to run in a cloud environment. A little up-front work can dramatically increase your ability to deliver improvements on an ongoing basis.

You’ll leave this session understanding:

A step-by-step process for preparing your existing Drupal 8 site for deployment in a FedRAMP-authorized cloud environment.
A sample development and deployment workflow that makes reviewing and rolling back changes straightforward.
The benefits of continuous integration and deployment.
How refactoring your site so you can “just push the code” can improve its scalability, structure and maintainability.
Familiarity with the command line is very helpful. If you’ve built or administered a Drupal site, come on in.

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